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In the state’s capital city, Wiesbaden, the experienced Hessian private and corporate detectives of the Kurtz Detective Agency investigate on behalf of natural as well as juridical persons – always discreet, affordable and goal-oriented. Custody battles, marital disloyalty, disagreements about child maintenance or even abuse of sick leave, false claims for expenses and theft – our private investigators in Wiesbaden will solve the respective case and the results of our investigation always stand up in court: +49 69 1201 8431.


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Corporate investigations | Corporate detective agency Wiesbaden

Next to Frankfurt, Offenbach am Main, and Mainz, Wiesbaden is one of the four core cities of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region and, together with Rhineland-Palatinate’s capital city Mainz, it constitutes a strong pair of twin cities. The economy mainly focusses on the service sector and the manufacturing industry. Approximately 12,000 small, medium-sized, and big companies are located in Wiesbaden as well as numerous significant companies that have one or more branches in the city. The biggest local employers include Abbott (pharmaceutical company), R+V Versicherung (insurance group), AXA, Federal-Mogul (car parts supplier), Edag Engineering GmbH (engineering services), and the Henkell & Co. Sektkellerei (champagne producer). In addition to these, authorities like the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Hessian State Office of Criminal Investigations, the Federal Statistical Office and the city administration are some of the biggest employers in the city. Also, this capital city is widely used as a host for trade fairs and congresses which our corporate detectives for Wiesbaden, too, frequent – to solve, for example, cases of trademark infringement.


Unfortunately, local companies are not only faced with patent infringements but also with many other forms of corporate crimes. In about half of the cases, the perpetrator is not a third party but much rather an employee – often even those who have been part of the company for many years. An additional occupation that was not agreed on, manipulated claims for wages, espionage within the company, sabotage, false claims for expenses, fraudulent sick leave, theft, and embezzlements to the disadvantage of the employer or colleagues, and many more delicts are the reason why clients choose to approach our detective agency in Wiesbaden. Also, our IHK-certified corporate investigators check the credit and background of potential business partners and locate missing debtors. Respective experts from our departments of IT forensics and IT security as well as defence against eavesdropping operations and wiretapping protection will arrange additional comprehensive methods for detecting and preventing any kind of espionage. We will gladly advise you in a non-binding informational interview on case-specific investigation options. Please, make use of our contact form for your non-binding request or give us a call.


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Kurhaus Wiesbaden

Seductive atmosphere? Private investigations in Wiesbaden

Tourism is one of the main sources of revenue for the state’s capital city thanks to historical buildings such as the City Palace, the Town Hall, the Biebrich Palace, the Wiesbaden Casino inside the Spa House, and the hot springs. And yes, the famous "Kurschatten" (a liaison limited to the stay at the spa house) really exists. The glamour of the casino, the relaxation from the hot springs, and the pleasant atmosphere of the spa hotels do tempt one or two of the guests to get involved with an affair outside the boundaries of their existing partnerships – the temptation is overwhelming and the partner or spouse faraway. If you suspect your partner of infidelity during their stay at a health spa, during a business trip or even in their everyday life, our certified private detectives in Wiesbaden will help to solve the case by discreetly monitoring the suspect.


Although the health spa industry of the city, the numerous small and big businesses, and the trade fair offer plenty of jobs, the unemployment rate of Wiesbaden (counting 318,469 inhabitants) of 7.2 % lies high above the Hessian average of 4.9 % (all numbers are from 2017). Unemployment, as has been proved, can lead to crimes in the form of burglary, theft, con game and illegal employment. On a nationwide level, Wiesbaden is also one of the wealthier cities which attracts property crimes committed by organised crime gangs. Our private detective agency in Wiesbaden investigates in private cases as well as prosecutable crimes and will provide you with a valid investigation report at the end of our operation: +49 69 1201 8431.

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The Kurtz Detective Agency also investigates beyond the borders of Hesse’s capital city and operates in the surrounding localities in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate.


*Please note: All operations of Kurtz Investigations Frankfurt are executed and billed from the Mainzer Landstraße in Frankfurt am Main. The other operating cities and regions advertised on this domain are neither local branches nor permanent establishments of Kurtz Investigations Frankfurt, if not explicitly stated differently. We can offer you affordable traveling expense flat-rates nationwide. The same applies for traveling to a wide range of areas abroad. When operating in the countryside, the cost evaluation starts from the next greater city. You can find further information on our fees here, and on operating areas here.