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Mainz is the capital city of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and on 30 June 2015 it counted exactly 207,903 inhabitants with a main residence in Mainz. Among them were 15,5 % of international background. The cathedral city stretches out over an area of 97,75 square kilometres and is located directly at the border to the state of Hesse.


The IHK-certified detectives of the Kurtz Detective Agency will gladly investigate for a fair fee in private and job-related matters both for private clients and corporations in Mainz as well as in the entire state of Rhineland-Palatinate: +49 69 1201 8431. Not convinced yet? Have a look at our references!

Traditionally dedicated to media

Countless buildings and monuments have survived since the ages of Romanticism, the Gothic, the Renaissance and, especially, the Baroque. You can find them, for instance, in the old town. Also, parts of the fortress and the ancient Roman and Medieval city fortification have survived from those times, for example, the Wood Tower, in the cellar of which the bandit chief Schinderhannes was imprisoned. After the Second World War, numerous residential buildings, office and company buildings were built to fit harmoniously into the cityscape and they have expressed since the economic importance of the state capital. Our private investigators in Mainz benefit from this importance, too.


Since the mid 70s, the local offices of the TV channel ZDF have made the cathedral city a significant media location within Germany. The economic and science industries have boomed since then, something which the Gutenberg Year 2000 and its numerous festivities have amplified. Accordingly, the tasks of our corporal investigators in Mainz are manifold:

Gutenberg Monument; detective agency Mainz, private investigator Mainz, investigation firm Mainz
The Mainzelmännchen represent the modern Mainz as the city where the ZDF has its headquarters. They also stand in the tradition of Johannes Gutenberg who invented the process of printing, one of the most significant inventions of cultural history.

The debt-ridden city | Criminality in Mainz

The state capital is heavily indebted which encourages various perils of criminality. Perhaps, a company asks their insurance to pay up for an arson fraud and somebody has become an offender themselves by acquiring essential means for the crime – necessity is the mother of invention. A detective agency in Mainz is often the last hope for solving crimes against legally protected goods owned by the perpetrator.


In 2014, Mainz recorded 129 cases of fraudulent arsons, that is an increase of 29 % (!), and the crime clearance rate is 42,6 %. The CCR in cases of burglary (1,100 cases) and in cases of grand theft of/out of vehicles are each below 20 %, something which is a traumatic experience for the victims in two different ways: the uncertainty causes a worry that the incident might recur and the question raises why the perpetrator could not be caught. At this point, the expertise of our corporate detectives in Mainz come into play. The detectives of the Kurtz Detective Agency investigate in Mainz and are always thorough, non-bureaucratic and case-specific. In this way, we will offer you valid evidences that can be used in court:  +49 69 1201 8431.

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Bacharach; corporate investigator Mainz, private detective Mainz, detective Mainz
Our private detectives will gladly investigate beyond the borders of Mainz, in the Mainz-Bingen area, for instance, in Bacharach.


*Please note: All operations of Kurtz Investigations Frankfurt are executed and billed from the Mainzer Landstraße in Frankfurt am Main. The other operating cities and regions advertised on this domain are neither local branches nor permanent establishments of Kurtz Investigations Frankfurt, if not explicitly stated differently. We can offer you affordable traveling expense flat-rates nationwide. The same applies for traveling to a wide range of areas abroad. When operating in the countryside, the cost evaluation starts from the next greater city. You can find further information on our fees here, and on operating areas here.