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The experienced, professional team of the Kurtz Detective Agency investigates mainly in the cities of Brazil but also in rural areas – always discrete, always providing you with results which will stand up in court. At the same time, our detective agency in Brazil also offers transparent and fair detective fees: +49 69 1201 8431.


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Discrete investigation in the urban and natural jungles

What do people associate with Brazil, the largest country in South America? Unfortunately, not always good things: The deforestation of the rainforest to create space for mining and the extraction of petroleum, the corruption scandal of Michel Temer, nepotism on oh so many levels, and the economic changes toward old schemes and patterns have caused numerous bad news in the recent past. Even spheres of soccer are affected as alarming rumours surround the FIFA World Cup 2014. However, Brazil is also considered the true mother country of football – one only has to think of names such as Pelé, Zico, Rivaldo and Ronaldo. Rio de Janeiro is one of the world's most visited city, what with its Carnival, its famous statue, Christ the Redeemer, the Copacabana, and the Sugarloaf Mountain. As a result, Rio is also the destination for many target persons of our private detectives in Brazil.


A spouse or a partner who is suspected of infidelity; a parent travelling with a child who proves to not be an appropriate care-taker; an ex-partner who has fled from the custody battle – these and many more cases can be solved by the seasoned investigators of our detective agency in Brazil, the results of which will stand up in court. We will gladly investigate your case, as well. Please, send us an e-mail with a description of your case via our contact form or call the Kurtz Detective Agency at the above-mentioned number. 

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Some of the many world-famous sights of Rio de Janeiro in one picture.

Education, research, industry – economic diversity and big issues | Corporate detectives in Brazil

208.36 million people live in Brazil, out of which 2.9 million people live in the capital Brasília. The by far biggest metropolises are São Paulo (approximately 12 million) and Rio (approximately 6.5 million; Effective: 2017). In total, there are currently 17 cities with more than a million people. In comparison to that: Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, and Cologne are the only German cities which reach this number of inhabitants. The economy of Brazil is partly constituted of more or less renewable raw materials, such as timber, coffee, cocoa, and sugar (sugarcane), but also industrial branches play a big role, including gold mining, bauxite mining, automobile and plane manufacturing, the extraction and processing of petroleum, and iron ore mining. In 2016, the GDP reached 1.8 billion USD (Germany: 3.5 billion). The economy can be divided into 50 % service sector, 40 % industry and 10 % agriculture, out of which the latter consists of 65 % cattle breeding. 


The Kurtz Detective Agency in Brazil executes investigations in South America on behalf of local as well as international companies. The investigation of delicts committed by employees is one of the most frequent requests of our clients: violation of sick pay, false claims for wages and expenses, warehouse thievery, passing on of company data and secrets due to bribery, and so forth. To solve such cases and many other related crimes and to seize the delinquent employee is part of our daily investigation work. We also solve delicts committed by third parties, such as unfair competition, data espionage and corruption. Our detectives will gladly advise you on your case-specific options in Brazil and will guarantee you, in advance, discrete and valid investigation methods: +49 69 1201 8431.    

Examples for our areas of operation in Brazil:

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  • Private Investigator for Belo Horizonte
  • Private Investigator for Brasília
  • Private Investigator for Campinas
  • Private Investigator for Curitiba
  • Private Investigator for Fortaleza
  • Private Investigator for Goiânia
  • Private Investigator for Guarulhos
  • Private Investigator for Manaus
  • Private Investigator for Porto Alegre
  • Private Investigator for Recife
  • Private Investigator for Rio de Janeiro
  • Private Investigator for Salvador da Bahia
  • Private Investigator for São Paulo

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Ponte Estaiada Octávio Frias de Oliveira, bridging the Pinheiros River in São Paulo


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